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How it works

Supplier Expert

Our Supplier Experts have the necessary branch knowledge to find the right supplier for your specific alloy.

Big Data Search

Our self-developed, semantic Big-Data Search find new suppliers and corresponding alloys.

Worldwide Search

Supplier Experts + Big Data + Worldwide = New suppliers

Common issues when purchasing alloys

Rare alloys

Only a few suppliers for rare alloys?

Price increase

Suppliers increased the prices again?


Dissatisfied with the current supplier?


You are dependent on one supplier?


Your current suppliers are too expensive?

Bad quality

Dissatisfied with the quality of the supplies?

Let us known for which master alloys, alloys or unalloyed materials you need new suppliers and our Supplier Hunting Service will find them for you. Our branch experts together with the self-developed, field-tested Big Data Search have the technical expertise to find the ideal alloy supplier for you. Based on our fair-price-principle you pay only for previously not known suppliers.


Current performance of Supplier Hunting Service

Success Rate 88%

Delivery time less then 2 week






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How it works

Fair-Price-Principle. Pay only for unknown suppliers.