For foundries

The cloud solution of alloys2b helps foundries to optimize operations and improve purchasing of master alloys, alloys and unalloyed materials.

  • Ready in 24h.
  • No installation
  • Only internet browser required
  • Create own specifications
  • Specifications for foundries
  • Cover recurrent needs
  • Invite known suppliers
  • Use own terms of payment
  • Own purchasing terms
  • Foundry specific delivery forms
  • Notifications on bids
  • Buy large and small quantities
  • Delivery to address
alloys2b for foundries
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Advantages for foundries

Ready in 24h.

Within 24 hours. we provide your own Cloud Solution

No installation

You do not need to installation any software

Only internet browser required

Only Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome Browser required

Create own specifications

Use our standardized alloy specifications or your own

Specifications for foundries

Use foundry specific alloy specifications

Cover recurrent needs

With tender drafts you create recurrent needs within seconds

Invite known suppliers

Invite known supplier by uploading them in any file format

Use own terms of payment

Use our standardized alloy specifications or your own

Own purchasing terms

Upload your own purchase specifications (Word, PDF) and use them to purchase

Foundry specific delivery forms

We provide a bunch of foundry specific delivery forms by default

Notifications on bids

You get notified on every bid (if you want)

Buy large and small quantities

Buy every amount of quantities, there is no limit

Delivery to address

Deliver to addresses, not only ports and warehouses