The cloud solution from alloys2b is the unique industry solution for the strategic purchasing of master alloys, alloys and unalloyed materials. Particularly for foundries, steel mills and metallurgy, purchasing is extremely important and crucial for long-term success. The raw material purchase price can account for up to 40% of the product final price, so that the profit lies in the purchasing. See what other advantages this cloud solution can offer you.

Advantages of the cloud solution from alloys2b

Cost reduction of around 90%

Using the alloys2b cloud solution for purchasing master alloys, alloys and unalloyed materials reduces costs by up to 90% compared with standard practices. The background is that, particularly when purchasing raw materials, the majority of costs are incurred as a result of the communication and synchronization of the suppliers. The alloys2b cloud solution vastly reduces the communication input required, while still leaving the decision-making power with the buyer.

Fair market price thanks to bidding procedure

alloys2b uses the known bidding procedure in order to attain a fair and transparent market price for your master alloys, alloys and unalloyed materials. This involves the suppliers placing their bids online within the tendering period. During bidding, all the suppliers have the opportunity at any time to set a time limit for their bid or to improve their bid if they are outbid. Once bidding has ended, you have the option of choosing one of the suppliers. Needless to say, you are under no obligation to buy.

No installation, no costly in-house development

No installation or costly in-house development on your part. All you need is a modern internet browser (Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer). Within one business day, you have access to your solution and can issue your first invitations to tender.

Time savings of over 30%

Thanks to the simple, four-stage tendering process and the fully automated bidding procedure, the most time-consuming elements of the process are minimized. Using drafts, particularly when dealing with recurrent needs, it is possible to achieve time savings of up to 70%.

No infrastructure investment costs, up and running within 24 hours

The alloys2b cloud solution is made available to you worldwide within max. 24 hours. You do not incur any infrastructure investment costs and accordingly no CAPEX discussions, either. The fixed monthly or annual fee facilitates predictable financial budgeting.

No annoying price negotiations

The transparent bidding procedure avoids the hassle of negotiating prices with the suppliers. Suppliers can set time limits on their bids and have a chronological listing of all bids to the exact second at all times.

No time-consuming communication

The cloud solution from alloys2b offers multiple tender types (open, ranked, confidential). During bidding, the suppliers are informed at all times (depending on the tender type) of their current position and the lowest bid. Time-consuming price inquiries are eliminated. Upon successful completion of the bidding, you and your chosen supplier each receive an e-mail with all the important information, allowing production and supply to be effected immediately.

No commission

The success of our customers is very important to us and for this reason alloys2b does not charge any commission. No commission whatsoever is charged – regardless of your trading volume or the number of tenders you call.